Colonizers have built a military fortress and are waging a brutal invasion of your lands. Can you prevent their wagons from bringing supplies to the fort and burn it to the ground before the train reaches the Golden Spike? 

In Burn the Fort, each player takes the role of a historic warrior fighting to stop colonial invasion of their lands. Players take turns gathering & playing cards, trading, battling wagons, and gathering Fire Tokens and the necessary Arrowhead Tokens to burn the fort.

Everyone starts the game in an alliance but beware, alliances can be broken. To win the game, players can choose how much they wish to work together while facing colonial forces. With each wagon that reaches the fort, the train moves forward towards the Golden Spike which brings mass colonial invasion & an end to the fierce anti-colonial resistance.

Burn the Fort is a semi-cooperative game where you’ll face history
in challenging & empowering ways. 

Game & artwork designed by Klee Benally

“Games can be powerful storytelling and teaching tools. Indigenous Peoples have played games rooted in ceremony since time immemorial. I’ve always loved table top games, but I never found one that I personally connected to. Indigenous Peoples and resistance are more often portrayed as threats to settler colonialism or when we’re the occasional protagonist, we are either victims or grossly romanticized.
Nearly every game available on the shelf today is rooted in colonialism and resource exploitation, I wanted to offer an alternative and challenge those narratives. This game focuses on the time period of the so-called ‘Indian wars’ to explore the history and offer an engaging and fun way of deepening our understandings of those times. For some people this will be just another table top game, for others, and this is my intention, it can be one small way to engage and build cultures of resistance and liberation.” – Klee Benally

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