Ahéheeʼ Nitsaago, Crowdfunding Goal Reached!

Yá’át’ééh, we’ve reached our crowdfunding goal for Burn the Fort!

Backer IrishWarrior purchased the 5 games we needed “to put the project over the top!” They also generously offered them to be donated to who we determine. As per our stretch goal, these will go to Indigenous educators and community spaces. Thanks to everyone who has already made similar pledges too!
We’re so grateful for everyone’s support so far and as we have nearly 3 weeks left for the campaign, this gives us a solid boost to reach our stretch goal of distributing free copies to Indigenous educators and community groups.
We already plan on sending at least 125 free copies to Indigenous groups (orgs, autonomous collectives, etc.) and teachers (high school & college). Help us reach this stretch goal so we can distribute that much and more! We plan on reaching out for distribution and having a request form on our website. This stretch goal will cover game cost and shipping to select communities. We will be posting a form at www.burnthefort.com closer to the end of the campaign for game copy requests.

We will also further development on teaching resources as part of (but not contingent upon) the stretch goal (though we’d like but do not currently have the capacity to develop a lesson plan to compliment the game).

We are keenly aware that current international shipping estimates are prohibitive, so we are actively reaching out to fulfillment businesses. We’ve received lots of international interest. We will continue to provide updates.

As I’ve previously mentioned, this project has taken 6 years (off and on) of development so it’s exciting to be at this stage. As someone who has been involved in the independent music world for decades, I know there’s lot’s more work to come for distribution and promotion and our small team here will work hard to get these games out within our estimated time frame (see the timeline below).

This campaign has been encouraging with a great sense of support from both the table top gaming community and rowdy Indigenous creatives who have been rallying support. We’ll have some media coverage and a gameplay video coming very soon so please help blast those out too.
Thanks again so much for your support and joining me on this journey!

Ahéheeʼ nitsaago,

August 18 – Manufacturing complete, games ready to ship (full payment due to manufacturer)
August 22 – Crowdfunding campaign ends
August (TBD) – After payment is complete, games ship (takes about 2-3 weeks though may take longer)
September (TBD) – Patreon order fulfillment begins
Sept/October (TBD) – Gamefound fulfillment
Late November – All games delivered