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In Burn the Fort, each player takes the role of a historic warrior fighting to stop colonial invasion of their lands. Players take turns gathering & playing cards, trading, battling wagons, and gathering Fire Tokens and the necessary Arrowhead Tokens to burn the fort.

Warrior Player Cards:

Lozen (1840 – 1889) was a fierce two-spirit warrior of the Chihenne Nde (Chiricahau/Apache) Nation. She was also a renowned medicine practitioner. Lozen was well known for developing military strategy & her ability to detect enemies. She was known as a “shield to her people.”

Hástiin Dághá (Barboncito) (1821 – 1871) was a Diné (Navajo) warrior & medicine practitioner. He co-led armed rebellion against the U.S. to resist forced relocation of Diné to Fort Sumner. In one battle, he led one-thousand warriors in an attack on Fort Defiance.

Goyaałé (Geronimo, Shis-Inday/Nde) (1829 – 1909) was a warrior & medicine practitioner. After Mexican soldiers killed his family, he waged war against all invading colonial forces. He refused to be a prisoner on reservations. It took nearly one quarter of the U.S. army to hunt him down. He was the last Indigenous warrior to formally surrender to the U.S. during the “Indian Wars.”
Buffalo Calf Road Woman, or Brave Woman (1850s? – 1879) was a Notameohmésêhese (Northern Cheyenne) warrior. She helped rally warriors to win the “Battle of the Rosebud” in 1876. She fought in the “Battle of Greasy Grass” that same year & struck Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, knocking him off his horse before he died.

Maȟpíta Lúta (Red Cloud, Oglála Lakota) (1822 – 1909) resisted U.S. army invasions, leading a successful campaign known as “Red Cloud’s War” in northeastern “Wyoming” & southern “Montana.” He ambushed 81 U.S. soldiers with 3,000 warriors in one of the greatest military defeats of the U.S. army.
Mochi or “Buffalo Calf” (Heévâhetaneo’o/Southern Cheyenne, 1841 – 1881), was a fierce warrior who survived the brutal Sand Creek Massacre. After her mother was shot, she killed a U.S. soldier & dedicated her life to fighting colonial invaders. She fought in numerous battles for 11 years until she was captured.

Game artwork & design by Klee Benally
More info: www.burnthefort.com
Game trailer: https://youtu.be/9-eBaRqi-n8

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