Crowdfunding Preview is Live!


The board game trailer is now live and the preview for the crowdfunding campaign is up on Gamefound now!

Here is the link for the campaign preview:

The crowdfunding campaign will be live on July 15th, 2023.

I’ve attached some social media promo components if ya’ll would like to help share. 🙂 I’ll be posting these to my instagram as well so you can share from there if you like: Ahe’ hee’ la!Klee

Here is some text I’m sharing too:
Burn the Fort board game crowdfunding launch: July 15th!

You can view the trailer and check out at the game preview at now! Follow the campaign early to receive the digital soundtrack for free!
Share & support! Help bring this game of Indigenous Resistance to life!

Designed by Klee Benally
More info:

#burnthefort #Indigenous #boardgame #tabletopgame #Indigenousresistance #anticolonialism

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