Campaign completed! Ahe’ hee’ nitsaago!

30 days. 612 backers. $30,513.13 funded.
Thank you for helping to bring Burn the Fort to life!

I am thrilled to announce that we’ve doubled the funds raised from our initial goal & surpassed our stretch goal!
We also just got the mass production sample in today (such synchronicity) and it looks great! So we have given the green light for mass production to the manufacturer.

I’ll provide a much more in-depth update regarding shipping estimates and possible changes to shipping costs very soon (though no updates regarding Canadian fulfillment at this point).

We are celebrating the support and encouragement that everyone both within and outside the table top gaming community have offered. And we are super excited to get this game to your tables so you can play it.
Ahe’ hee’ nitsaago (many thanks!),