Crowdfunding Campaign Launches Tomorrow!

The crowdfunding campaign launches tomorrow!

I’ve been developing this game for about 6 years now and I’m so excited that it’s about to be brought to life.
As crowdfunding goes, it’s an all or nothing kind of campaign so your support and help to build momentum is crucial at this stage. In the event the game is unsuccessful in raising necessary funds, we will most likely move to pre-order, but since we have a month and there’s a bit of buzz building around this project, we are optimistic that it will be successful (but there are never guarantees). 🙂
The game is already in the manufacturer’s hands and I’m currently waiting for the mass production sample (see the estimated timeline below). The success of this crowdfunding campaign will really determine if the game gets made within the timeline, as we need the funds to cover final costs and shipping from the manufacturing company.

Thanks so much for your interest and please help share and grow support to bring this project to life! I’ve attached some shareable images for social media and a bit of sample text.
Ahe’ hee’!

July 22 – Crowdfunding campaign launches
July 28 – Mass production sample delivered & if approved, manufacturing starts
August 18 – Manufacturing complete, games ready to ship (full payment due to manufacturer)
August 22 – Crowdfunding campaign ends
August (TBD) – After payment is complete, games ship (takes about 2-3 weeks though may take longer)
September (TBD) – Patreon order fulfillment begins
Sept/October (TBD) – Gamefound fulfillment
November – All games delivered

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Burn the Fort Crowdfunding campaign is now live!

Burn the Fort is a semi-cooperative table top game where you’ll face history
in challenging & empowering ways. 
In Burn the Fort, each player takes the role of a historic warrior fighting to stop colonial invasion of their lands. Players take turns gathering & playing cards, trading, battling wagons, and gathering Fire Tokens and the necessary Arrowhead Tokens to burn the fort.

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Game artwork & design by Klee Benally
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Game trailer:

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