Crowdfunding Update: Strong Start, Almost Halfway There!

We’re 44% funded in a day!
Thanks to everyone who has pledged on Gamefound so far, we’ve got a strong start & momentum is building.
We’re confident this campaign will be funded & hopeful that we’ll reach the stretch goal.

We’ve updated the FAQ on Gamefound as we’ve had some great questions:

1. Will there be a gameplay/teach video?
A. Yes! We’re working on one now and will share via project updates and put it in the project description as well.

2. International shipping is too expensive, will this become more accessible as the game progresses?
A. At this point we have no indication this will change but we will actively provide updates as the campaign goes on.
We’re currently in discussion with a distributor in Canada and have looked into various strategies to address this elsewhere.
So far the four-pack game pledge is the only viable option for us to alleviate shipping costs.

We look forward to share more news and updates as the campaign progresses.
Thanks again so much for your support and being part of the process to bring this game to life.
We really appreciate everyone who is sharing the campaign too :).

And just a heads up, there are only 22 Special Edition copies with the metal “Colonizer coin” left!

I’ll also be posting some more updates on Patreon.

Ahe’ hee’,