We’ve hit the $25,000 stretch goal! Ahéheeʼ!


We’ve hit the $25,000 stretch goal!

We’re so excited to realize our single stretch goal to provide free copies for Indigenous organizations and schools. We’ve also been surprised as to how many of ya’ll have made pledges for games specifically to donate as well.

Initially we were planning on distributing 50 games with the stretch goal bringing it up to 125 games, we are now confident that we will be able to provide even more! We haven’t calculated everything yet but we feel pretty solid about distributing closer to 200 or more copies.

We just put the request form for games up at burnthefort.com and already have requests coming in (without advertising it!): https://burnthefort.com/game-request-form/

The free games are available to Indigenous collectives, autonomous crews, student orgs, etc. and teachers (high school, university, autonomous education projects, etc). Since we have a limited amount, games will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, we will also be prioritizing anti-capitalist/autonomous groups as well as educators located in reservation communities. The games will also be shipped free of charge!

Please email us at indigenousaction@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

We also put a resources page on the website with recommended reading and websites to compliment the game (this is still being updated): https://burnthefort.com/resources/

We will be developing some teaching resources as well, so please sign up to the emailing list for updates.

Late November – All games delivered (international game fulfillment may take longer)

With 5 days left to go in the campaign the support has been amazing! We’re so grateful that so many people in and outside the board game community have supported this independent Indigenous designed table top game. Special thanks to my community support on Patreon who have also made this project possible.

Ahéheeʼ nitsaago!
Klee Benally


August 22 – Crowdfunding campaign ends

End of August – Manufacturing complete, games ready to ship (full payment due to manufacturer)

September (TBD) – After payment is complete, games ship (takes about 2-3 weeks though may take longer especially to fulfillment partners.

 Late September (as soon as games come in) – Patreon order fulfillment begins

Late Sept/October (TBD) – Gamefound fulfillment